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Cash Register

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Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register

Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register

Sharp ER-A320 Cash RegisterIdeal for convenience store owners!Designed for demanding retail and hospitality enviornments, the compact Sharp ER-A320 electronic cash register is the easy-to-use, powerful workhorse your small business needs. Rich in features, functionality and value, yet small in size, the Sharp ER-A320 cash register offers increased control and flexibility, giving you important information about your business when you need it most. Enhanced software functions provide valuable information at the point of sale, so you can carefully analyze data that's critical to the success of your business. The Sharp ER-A320 cash register requires minimal programming and set-up, so you can be up and running in no time. With minimal training, even the most inexperienced operator can be checking out customers with ease.Although many features are available at this low cost, the Sharp ER-A320 cash register does NOT support alphanumeric printing -- numeric printing only, no alphabet characters.10 departments (40 Max)600 plu's4 tax tablesAuto keys (2 max.)Training mode functionDepartment grouping function3-digit PLU free codeHigh amount lock outEasy to read LCD displayBuilt in calculatorSingle line validationPaperless flash reportsFull management reportsCompact Cabinet Design - Make efficient use of valuable counter space while enhancing operations.10 Standard Departments, Expandable to 40 - Efficiently categorize products by department, allowing you to track sales by product type, size, shelf location, etc.Up to 600 PLUs - Price Look-ups ensure price accuracy, ease of operation and increased customer throughput.Built-in Calculator - It's easy for an operator to do individual calculations without affecting sales data.Large LED Display - With its high visibility LED pop-up display, you're assured of increased customer service.Single Line Validation - Operators can mark documents such as checks, gift certificates with critical date and time information.Heavy Duty Printer - Get high quality printing of receipts and reports at an amazingly fast 2.5 lines per second...


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